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Whitlock Tire & Auto Repair Goodyear

665 Whitlock Avenue
Marietta, GA 30064

Get Directions (770) 426-4220
Whitlock Tire & Auto Repair Goodyear


  • Mon 9AM-5PM
  • Tues 9AM-5PM
  • Wed 9AM-5PM
  • Thurs 9AM-5PM
  • Fri 9AM-5PM
  • Sat CLOSED
  • Sun CLOSED

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Products & Services from Whitlock Tire & Auto Repair Goodyear

  • Fluid Maintenance

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Complete Car Maintenance

  • AC Service

  • Oil Change

  • Brake Service

  • Tire Sales

About Whitlock Tire & Auto Repair Goodyear

One Stop Source for Total Car Care


Always answers your phone call! Always has information and advice you need. Very friendly and accommodating. Excellent service and respectful always!
-Oleda R.
This review is long overdue. After looking for a trustworthy mechanic for a very long time, I'm glad I finally found Whitlock. They used to work on my old Honda Accord, then my old Toyota Tacoma, and now they service my new Toyota Highlander. They always fix all my issues quickly and their prices are always fair. Nick is a pleasure to work with. He's friendly, helpful, and as honest as they come!
-Andre T.
One of my tires had a slow leak but I needed to run across town before I could come back to hopefully get it patched. Nick was fantastic. He filled the low tire to allow me to run my errand and while it took me a minute to get back from across town, he was still willing at 4:00 to take me and the guys confirmed that it was just a plug I needed and a roofing nail was the culprit. So helpful. Made my Monday to have such excellent service.
-Nancy S.

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