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Nancy's Pizza Aurora

2616 Ogden Avenue
Aurora, IL 60504

Get Directions (630) 585-9600
Nancy's Pizza Aurora

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About Nancy's Pizza Aurora

It has often been said that the American success story is based on inventing and introducing a product for which the public has been waiting. The success of the stuffed pizza is the story of Nancy and Rocco Palese. They had lived most of their adult lives making pizza in Turin, Italy, before moving to Potenza and then emigrating in 1969 with their three children to the United States. After 18 months in Chicago, Nancy and Rocco opened their first pizza parlor, Guy's Pizza, featuring the then popular thin crust pizza. Business had its ups and downs, and friends tried to get the Paleses to experiment with pan pizza. Rather than imitate, Rocco decided to introduce his own pizza, based on his mother's recipe for "scarciedda," an Easter specialty pie. Rocco’s invention, the stuffed pizza, was born! We accept Money Mailer coupons.


Quality of the food was excellent, was ready when I got there! No mess ups on the tricky half and half pizza. Only suggestion; chill the ranch and give napkins with wings. This was mid range good bang for your buck deep dish. The wings were of higher quality for the price, than I expected. Would definitely order again.
The food was delicious! I had ordered pizza, wings, and fries and everything tasted great. I will definitely be coming back and ordering more food. The customer service was excellent as well! Great staff!

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