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About Turf Exchange

Turf Exchange was founded by industry executives with expertise in various related fields – technology, manufacturing, earthworks construction, consumer support, finance and home improvement installation. With over 30 years of experience, we have built a company that offers a complete range of low-maintenance, high-performance, alternative turf solutions for residential or commercial space. We are committed to supporting the state of California, both economically and environmentally. Therefore, we source our products from a California based supplier that manufactures in-state. We offer 10 product lines to accommodate any customer. After a simple site visit, we can assess your needs and provide quality and cost efficient solutions, no matter your location. Turf Exchange is proud to provide an alternative to the environmentally taxing grass of the past. Artificial turf is quickly becoming one of the most important green solutions of the 21st Century as water scarcity affects 3 billion people every year. Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic grass requires no water, chemicals, or air polluting maintenance equipment. Additionally, its maintenance costs are minimal, especially when compared to those of “natural” grass.


ken fink 2 months ago Fantastic job..... looks Incredible just like real grass. Great friendly professional crew. They did all the extras like moving the sprinklers with no problem. Wasn't sure they could do it in one day and they were done in just over 6 hours…
-Ken FInk
3 months ago Great Service. Beautiful job. Pretty turf product. Best price. Honored their quote and did a bit more. Can't say enough. Honest. Highly recommended. Kathlean
-Kathlean Pedersen
The Arledge Group 17 days ago From the time that Brad came to my house to give me an estimate I knew this was the company I was going to use. When it came time to install my artificial turf the guys were on time, professional and listened to my suggestions when it came … read more via Google k
-Denise Arledge
TC Osteen 19 days ago Sales guy Mike and his team of landscapers were awesome. I had a challenging sprinkler system to navigate through and they professionally managed it. My back yard is a resort now because of the care and responsiveness to our issues. Thank … read more via Google
-TC Osteen

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