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Kidstrong Batavia

53 S. Randall Road
Batavia, IL 60510

Get Directions (630) 390-7071
Kidstrong Batavia

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Products & Services from Kidstrong Batavia

  • Kids Sports Training

  • After School Classes

  • Child Confidence Building

  • KidStrong Certified Coaches

  • Training Program for Kids

  • Summer Camp

  • Private Training Centers

  • Learning Centers

  • Whole Child Curriculum

  • Strong, Brave, Confident Kids

  • Child Development

  • Empower Children

  • Stronger, Smarter Kids

  • Birthday Parties

  • Milestone Accelorator

About Kidstrong Batavia

KidStrong is a milestone accelerator for kids walking through 11 years old. We help parents discover their child’s superpowers and build future-ready kids who are confident making friends, run the playground, and raise their hand high in the classroom. In other words… kids who will win at life. We do this by giving parents the tools to build stronger kids at our centers and at home: KidStrong uses the latest research to help kids develop resilience, independence, and self-worth. We use our "whole child" curriculum and affirmation to help empower kids to be the hero of their own story. I AM STRONG I AM BRAVE I CAN DO THIS Coming soon to Wheaton and Schaumburg!


Hi there, my son was a little shy the first class but thanks to coach Devon he managed to overcome his anguish. Now he is looking forward to Fridays classes and he already got his first Coach’s Award, he loves Kidstrong and so do we.
-Anamaria C.
We love Kidstrong! We have been going here for over a year now, starting at 18 months. Devon and Lauren are the coaches we see most frequently in our class, but every coach is great. They make every kid smile, will motivate your kids and make the experience fun for parents. Our child used to be scared at the park and now she has confidence and can climb the park’s suspended ladders, rock wall, and has left the fear behind her. I have seen her come out of her shell and I owe a lot of that to Kidstrong. It’s a foundational part of our week and every time class is over we leave feeling so positive. It’s a great way to meet other parents with kids the same age. They work with each kid as a group and individually. We highly recommend this place whether your kid is fearless and needs to let out some energy or if your child needs a little nudge getting out of their shell. Great memories to be had here.
-Ava H.
Of the many activities I have put my children in, KidStrong is by far the favorite- of the entire family! The facility is beautiful and inviting for all ages and ability levels. The staff are knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to making your family feel seen and valued. Not to mention the amazing coaches who are incredible at what they do and are role models for both our boys. We could not be happier with our experience and have seen tremendous growth both physically and mentally in both our children.
-Sarah F.
I am writing this review as I am watching a group session (birthday party) and oh ehm gee the staff here are amazing! Ty and Devon are great coaches. We have some rowdy kiddos in our bunch and they are doing a great job of redirecting their energy. Kidstrong is clearly run by people like Devon and Ty who care about kids, understand kids, and want kids to thrive.
-Allison M.
Great coaches! Super patient and encouraging to each and every kid! Highly recommend these classes ??
-Amanda L.

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