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About Top Dog Contracting

Gravel driveways work best for homes in rural areas, and they even work in some urban areas. It helps to have a buffer zone around the gravel driveway to capture those inevitable stray pieces of gravel. If your property is prone to movement or if you have large tree roots, gravel driveways are flexible and extremely accommodating. Owners of large properties often prefer gravel driveways over concrete or even asphalt, because it is cost-effective. Keeping a gravel driveway in shape in the winter can have its challenges. Properties that need frequent snowplowing or scraping do not work as well for gravel driveways, because the plow tends to scrape up the gravel, as well. For a FREE estimate on a stone & gravel driveway, patio, walkway or pad, give Top Dog Contracting a call today. We hope to see you soon!


We have a home in Severna Park, MD on the water and the permiable stone and gravel is perfect for our driveway and patio area. We love it. Looks amazing.
-Zenith Chara
We hired Top Dog Contracting to stone our driveway along the river and it looks so good. Wish we would have used stone and gravel 20 years ago. Thanks!
-Sharlene Watkins
Stone and gravel for entire front landscape of our farm looks amazing. Appreciate all they've done and highly recommend.
-Brenda Williams

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