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The Paleta Bar

4990 S. Gilbert Rd Ste. 1
Chandler, AZ 85249

Get Directions (480) 469-5317
The Paleta Bar


  • Mon 11-9 pm
  • Tues 11- 9 pm
  • Wed 11- 9 pm
  • Thurs 11- 9 pm
  • Fri 11- 9 pm
  • Sat 5- 9 pm
  • Sun 11-9 pm

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About The Paleta Bar

DPaleta is Spanish for ICE POPS, Handmade daily using finest ingredients to create our fruit base from Fruits and cream base using sweet cream and milk. Our Paleta's are high quality and not only are they Delicious , but they are also a Healthy choice, since they are produced from natural fruits. They come in a Unique format and have different refreshing flavors. Indulge in authentic Fresh Gourmet Mexican Ice Pops along with Premium dipping and toppings that offers ENDLESS COMBINATIONS. Explore the Possibilities of DIP, HALF DIP, even drizzle, and then take a BITE. PACE yourself.


This place has a creative and amazing taste to it. Everything looked fresh and tasted amazing. Pictured is the strawberry cheesecake and a spicy-something paleta. 5/5, coming back, telling family about this, plus you lovely people.
This place is amazing!!! Love it!! Delicious Paletas that you can customize with chocolate, toppings and add your favorite fresh fruits. Plus they have so many other stuff on the menu that will blow your mind!

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