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Pie Five Pizza

1211 N. Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901

Get Directions (302) 542-3168
Pie Five Pizza


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About Pie Five Pizza

AT PIE FIVE, WE’RE HERE TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT PIZZA. Sure, it’s still round, it’s still sliced, and it’s still delicious, but ours is all about quality. We make our dough fresh every morning, chop garden-fresh veggies by hand, and mix up our own marinara sauce with fresh packed tomatoes. Not only that, but we give you unlimited toppings! It’s crazy, but we want you to try all our amazing ingredients so you can discover your new favorite pizza. OUR CRAFT DOESN’T STOP AT PIZZA. We’re talking about good ingredients and handmade quality food. And, just because it’s hand crafted doesn’t mean it should take a long time…5 minutes to be exact.


I just had one of their new Cauliflower Crust and a pizza of my choice and it was so... AMAZING! Such flavor and yet no bloating or stomach problems either!Great selections on menu and a special “dusting” that you can add to the pizza for a “magical” flavor. 5 ??
-Stephen Cassese
I am Gluten free and I must say it was a wonderful experience. All their employees were educated on how important it is to make a gluten free pizza each worker that touched it washed their hands and changed their gloves and were extremely careful with it. I love that you can make your own and it's the same price as the regular ones. It was delicious. The only thing was I had to wait in line for about 30 minutes so maybe once they get a few more workers that will go faster. But all in all it was wonderful and definitely worth the wait. Also if your going to have a gluten free crust maybe you should think about a gluten free dessert so we can make ours a combo;)
-Lindsey Kay
I love this place was amazing nice and clean friendly staff super tasty definitely will be back good job guys
-Mohamed Gaber

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