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Colorado Cover Company

1704 W. Baltic Pl.
Englewood, CO 80110

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Colorado Cover Company


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Products & Services from Colorado Cover Company

  • Prevents Injury to Kids & Pets

  • Supports Over 450 Pounds

  • Maintenance Free-Polycarbonate

  • Prevents Flooding

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Keeps Out Debris & Wildlife

  • Custom Fit

  • Duro-Tuff Window Well Covers

  • Allows Light In

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About Colorado Cover Company

Serving the Denver Area Since 1996 Colorado Cover Company manufactures and installs high quality custom Duro-Tuff Window Well Covers™. Owned and operated in Colorado since 1996, Colorado Cover Company is committed to the highest standards of integrity, craftsmanship, quality, and excellent customer service. Because of the amazing strength-to-weight ratio of the Duro-Tuff Window Well Cover™, a 60" x 26" cover, which weighs approximately 13 pounds, is easily opened in an emergency, yet will support over 450+ pounds. Our covers are attractive, inconspicuous, shatterproof and include a written LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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