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Boutique Nails & Spa

23425 N 39th Dr Ste 107-A
Glendale, AZ 85310

Get Directions (623) 434-6669
Boutique Nails & Spa


  • Mon 9AM-7PM
  • Tues 9AM-7PM
  • Wed 9AM-7PM
  • Thurs 9AM-7PM
  • Fri 9AM-7PM
  • Sat 9AM-7PM
  • Sun 10AM-5PM

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Products & Services from Boutique Nails & Spa

  • Manicure & pedicure

  • Waxing service

  • Nail salon & spa

About Boutique Nails & Spa

In keeping with our commitment to cleanliness, safety and hygiene, we sterilize and sanitize our equipment for all services and treatments. Your health and safety are our utmost priorities. All pedicure liners are disposable to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus, and infectious diseases. All our files and buffers will be discarded after being used on each customer. Thank you for choosing us to be your place for hand, feet, and beauty care.

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