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3270 Greyling Dr
San Diego, CA 92123

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Products & Services from Recoverme

  • Red Light Therapy

  • Infrared sauna, red light therapy and compression therapy

  • Compression Therapy

  • Cryotherapy

About Recoverme

We offer Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy and compression therapy to recover your body. You can use a mix of all of the modalities or just one, it's completely up to you, although we recommend trying out each one at least once!


Joe Rogan can't stop talking about human optimization, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I use RecoverMe for their red light sauna and cryotherapy chamber. Their rates are reasonably priced, and are even more appealing because I live down the street. Highly recommend to try if you're trying to optimize your health!
-George S.
I use the cryotherapy 3 times a week to rehab my back injury, it's really helped. I walk in, in pain, walk out, out of pain. Pretty tight.
-Noah D.

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