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Auntie Amy's Home Cooking

112 Burr Ridge Pkwy
Willowbrook, IL 60527

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Auntie Amy's Home Cooking


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About Auntie Amy's Home Cooking

My Story Auntie Amy's Home Cooking comes from a lifelong dream of cooking for others and some great inspiration throughout my life. I grew up knowing that home meant time in the kitchen with family cooking and baking. My Mom, Gram and Papa were all huge influences in my love of cooking. Whether it be a Sunday dinner, an all day holiday cookie baking spree, or prepping a huge feast for family and friends, it always included love and stories. My husband, Brian and I met in 2007, and his love for food reignited my love for cooking and food. He always encouraged new recipes and actually always wanted me to try out for a cooking show! During our marriage I also found out that I have sensitivities to many different foods including wheat. I can make plenty of dishes at home that don't include breads and pasta but if I didn't want to cook, there were very few options. After he passed in 2014 and my job at the time was coming to a close I decided it was time to follow my dreams and go to culinary school at the College of DuPage. I loved school (crazy homework and all) and I even met two of my best friends, Kateri (who decided to come work for me) and Dani (who continues to bake for the gluten-full world), during my time there. By the end of my first semester I knew I wanted to cook for others. During this time I also met my trivia partner and best friend, Derek, who has years of experience in the service industry. Both Kateri and Derek are just crazy or adventurous enough to join me in this journey! My inspiration for Auntie Amy's really comes from all of the people in my life that have busy days and kids in all sorts of activities and a million things to do everyday, leaving no time for cooking dinner. I want everyone to have the option to pick up food for the week that brings home comfort to their kitchen without the stress of preparing a meal. And making the entire kitchen gluten-free allows many more families the opportunity to have ready-made meals. The Auntie part is truly a joy in my life. I love my nieces and nephew and the kids of friends and cousins who consider me an Aunt. My family and extended family are a huge part of my life and that shows in everything I do. When you walk into Auntie Amy's you are bound to hear music playing and smell all of the goodness of "Grandma's Kitchen" in the air. You might even find Kateri, Derek and me having a little dance party (if you're lucky)! I hope that you will feel like a part of my family when you and your family enjoy my cooking!


Loved the eclairs. Ready to try other meals for dinner tonight. Mac is gone by two girls. Chicken tenders were nice and thick and good.
-Denee R.
Amazing 100% gluten free food at reasonable prices. soups, meals, and desserts.
-Kevin M.
The vegetable lasagna is amazing!! If you love rice crispy treats you got to go taste them unbelievable.. very fresh everything!
-Maurene R.

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