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1st Solar (Greater Gwinnett)

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1st Solar (Greater Gwinnett)

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Products & Services from 1st Solar (Greater Gwinnett)

  • Batteries (LG, Tesla, Generac, Panasonic)

  • Panels (Q-Cells, Solaria, LG)

  • Duct Sealing from Inside w/Aeroseal® — Aeroseal.com

  • Roofing Partners when necessary

  • Solar Window Tint

  • Solar Systems

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Solar Panels

  • Inverters (SolarEdge, Enphase)

  • Tree Trimming when necessary

About 1st Solar (Greater Gwinnett)

1st Solar puts your energy needs first and allows you to get a solar panel system without any upfront cost or activation fees. Our goal is to provide a sustainable and reliable energy for your home or business and to help you to take advantage of any tax credits available. We make it easy for you to understand the process and do everythng from start to finish. The process includes installation, designing a custom system, installation, HOA documentation and permits. Save on energy cost and have peace of mind when there is a power outage.


“My husband and I waited for our electric bill to come after getting solar so we can see the difference. Last year our January bill was $129.41 and this year $12.69. We couldn’t be happier with the solar results. Thank you 1stSolar
-E. Robertson
"I’ve sat down and talked with several other solar companies about the solar program and made my decision with them. They were able to help me replace my roof, and AC. They completely assessed my needs and made everything easy for me to understand and very simple. These guys are honest and very trustworthy. I highly recommend them."
-M. McComb
"Horace was a great representative he was very detailed and explained everything to my understanding."
-S. Benjamin
"My energy consultant and overall experience was amazing. They were honest, professional, and extremely patient in explaining solar to us. Also helped make my house energy efficient."
-T. Worthy

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