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Little Italian Pizza

4083 S. Route 59
Naperville, IL 60564

Get Directions (630) 904-4242
Little Italian Pizza


  • Mon 11AM-9PM
  • Tues 11AM-9PM
  • Wed 11AM-9PM
  • Thurs 11AM-9PM
  • Fri 11AM-10PM
  • Sat 2PM-10PM
  • Sun 2PM-9PM

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About Little Italian Pizza

Opening in 1997, Little Italian Pizza was the first and only pizzeria in south Naperville and “grew up” with the neighborhood. In the two decades since the first pizza hit the oven there were a lot changes – a construction boom, Neuqua Valley High school opened, and the town grew to more than 150,000-plus residents. But in the midst of all this change, one thing remained the same: Naperville residents stayed loyal to Little Italian Pizza and the owner, John Pendexter’s, commitment to quality service, fresh ingredients and the community he still calls home. Mention our coupon when you call!


Fantastic Chicago style thin crust pizza, and always on time.
Solid sweet based sauce and delicious chewy crust. One of my west suburban favorites.
Good pizza. Great price on slices during lunch
I am a regular. Thin crust and regular crust are my favorites. Thin sliced in squares and regular in triangles is the way to go depending on mood. Fresh ingredients, great sauce and nice crust. Support Local Business and enjoy a great pizza at the same

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