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Reborn Home Solutions

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About Reborn Home Solutions

Your Home Reborn We will breathe new life into your bathroom, transform your kitchen, and help you fall in love with your home all over again. Request a Design Consultation. There’s no time like the present to give yourself the gift of a Reborn home.


Needing a professional that would help envision outcomes, decorate, and make decisions was crucial to the Peloquins as they were looking to give a total overhaul to their home. As our designer helped Kerri and Kenny look through all their options for their initial bathroom, they decided on a Jacuzzi shower system. The urban corral pattern and color scheme fit what the Peloquins were looking for and would help set the tone for the rest of the home remodel. “We truly felt like we had a personal assistant throughout the process. From the beginning, starting with what should we do? Where should we start? to design, to finishing the final details, we always had someone to discuss decisions with.” The end result was a stunning bathroom that both the Peloquins and Reborn were thrilled with. The process was easy and convenient for our homeowners and was completed in one day!
-Kenny & Kerri Peloquins
When Gary Hoffmann and his wife asked us to reface their existing kitchen, we were very excited! We’re big fans of his show on KFI (as many of you are too!), and the Reborn Cabinets team has personally known Gary for a long time. In fact, you may have seen him speak at our Learn From The Pros Workshop! Collaborating on a project with him was going to be fun! Even though Gary already knew about our Signature Refacing process, after completing projects in over 30,000 homes, we know that seeing the transformation in your own home is another experience entirely! This was an awesome opportunity to do some great work, and share our passion for the “Ultimate Remodeling Experience” with a good friend. Reborn Cabinets is very proud of this project, and we invite you to take a look at the stunning results! Gary, thanks for letting Reborn take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary! You’re the best!
-Gary Hoffman
Recently, they purchased a new home. While the kitchen was functional, it really did not suit their needs. They live a social lifestyle, entertaining friends often, so they needed a space where they could cook large meals to serve their guests. Thankfully, Reborn accommodated their requests. Without truly expanding their kitchen, our team was able to push back the wall to add more space. Plus, we added more drawers underneath the island and pantry to create a custom look that you won’t see anywhere else. Linda was particularly fond of the microwave that they installed in the island to save space. Both Bob and Linda were also blown away by the finish on the cabinets. Bob loved that there were no cracks in the finish at the joints of the cabinets. And, Linda was thankful for how easy they were to clean. All in all, they were thrilled by how truly perfect their remodeled kitchen was, and they were excited to use it every day—even if for just microwaving their favorite
-Bob & Linda Lewis

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