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Products & Services from MANSCAPED

  • The Crop Shaver®

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0

  • Crop Preserver®

  • UltraPremium Body Wash

  • 2-in-1 Shampoo

  • Refined® Cologne

  • Premium Boxers 2.0

  • Weed Whacker®

  • UltraPremium Deodorant

  • The Performance Package 4.0

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MANSCAPED™ is the global men’s lifestyle brand with a focus on below-the-waist grooming. Trusted by over five million men worldwide, our products include a diversified line of premium tools, formulations, and accessories designed to introduce and elevate a whole new self-care routine for men.


Love it. The weed whacker is by far the best ear and nose trimmer I used and the lawn mower is such a smooth trim and so easy to use. Also, at first, I thought ball deodorant and toner was a bit excessive but now that I used it I would highly recommend. The boxer briefs are soft and just as good or better than other primo brands.
-Dane C.
I bought the manscape package for my fiancé for his birthday and he's so in love lol! He has not had any ingrown hairs or razor bumps and he really appreciates this gift and how delicate it is. He told me he's never had such a close shave down there because balls are sensitive. I'm so happy for him with this purchase!
-Bradley N.
I've tried other products in the past but nothing beats manscaped. It's actually products that help you entirely. Not just physically but in return you get peace of mind knowing everything is natural, safe, and best of all easy to use. I'm a manscaped customer for life. You should give it a try and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.
-Julian B.
Everything was so awesome best trimmer I’ve ever had the little headlight I thought was a joke but in reality it was so helpful to see what I was doing, the waterproof design of the tool make it so easy to use in the shower, and the wireless charger makes it super easy to just grab and go without messing with wires
-Mark P.
Look, I thought for sure that all these funny reviews about how it gets you smooth as a pool ball or whatever were jokes and that this couldn’t be that much better, I was wrong, I’ve literally become obsessed with shaving because this makes it so easy and comfortable.
-John B.

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