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Celias Carpet Cleaning

3816 W Fallen Leaf Lane
Glendale, AZ 85310

Get Directions (602) 309-8540
Celias Carpet Cleaning

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Products & Services from Celias Carpet Cleaning

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Pet Stains & Odors

  • Upholstery

  • Restoration

  • Deodorizing

  • Shampooing

  • Tile Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaing

  • Pre Spot Cleaning

  • Rugs

  • Repairs

About Celias Carpet Cleaning

Celia's Carpet Care is committed to excellence in residential and commercial cleaning. With our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning units, and dual-process, deep cleaning methods (pre-inspection, pre-spotting/spraying, deodorizing, shampooing, then steaming & vacuuming), we will guarantee that your carpets and upholstered fabrics are thoroughly cleansed & restored—bringing life back and ensuring further longevity through proper care & maintenance.

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