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Dunkin Donuts

401 South Jefferson Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Get Directions (240) 415-1287
Dunkin Donuts


  • Mon 4am-9pm
  • Tues 4am-9pm
  • Wed 4am-9pm
  • Thurs 4am-9pm
  • Fri 4am-9pm
  • Sat 4am-9pm
  • Sun 4am-9pm

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About Dunkin Donuts

Coffee, Donuts & Sandwiches


Everything is perfect, fresh and delicious at this new Duncan's Doughnuts on Prospect 340, I-70 and 15 at 401 South Jefferson Street, Frederick, MD. 21701. There is plenty of spacious parking and the drive through service is excellent. It is located in the newly converted, former Fredericktown Bank and Trust/PNC Bank at this popular convenient location. This Duncan's Doughnuts is in the Prospect Plaza and is next to a McDonald's restaurant, The Dollar Store, Lube Center and several other stores in the plaza. It is across the street from the Prospect CVS and Two gas stations. Their service, quality and packaging is excellent.
The staff are all super friendly and the facility is super clean/nice. Glad to have a Dunkin here!
-Ben Love
This is my go-to Dunkin' in Frederick. The staff is efficient and ALWAYS makes my coffee exactly right every time. The shop is also always clean and tidy. Appreciate having them in town!
-Lauren Nopenz Fairley
Staff here is the best. They always get my drinks right.
-EVC 333
The drive thru is a little tight but service was fast and accurate.
-Danella Cullen

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