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D&S Karate

Route 29 & Route 216
Laurel, MD 20723

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D&S Karate

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I researched all of the local dojo's to find the best one for my son before settling on D&S Karate Studios. It wasn't just the fact that it offered Japanese Ju-Jitsu, although that helped. It wasn't just Seth's education background and ability to manage kids, while ensuring they had a great time. It was the community of students, kids of all ages, who have stayed at the school. In the year we've been here, my decision has been validated. My son loves coming to Karate. He has developed self-discipline he never had before and he has really grown physically, and becoming stronger and more controlled. I can't recommend the dojo strongly enough.
-The Schreier Family
My children love Karate. They are always counting the days to come to class!
-The Romero Family
"Sensei Seth is a very knowledgeable instructor and is an excellent communicator with both children and adults. He makes the classes fun, educational, and challenging. The classes are the highlight of my son’s week, as my son is excited to attend and learn. The classes are also very good for adults for self-defense, increased flexibility, and weight loss (I have lost 15 pounds in six months). The clinics, summer programs, and after school programs offered are a Godsend for a busy parents looking for a safe, educational, and fun activity for their children while they are at work. As with the karate classes, my son loves the summer programs and is eager for each session.
-The Mount Family
I really don't have the words to describe my appreciation for D&S Karate Studios. Sensei Seth is exactly what my son needed. Our family moves a lot and it can be very difficult for our son. Everything positive you see in your child is taught at D&S Karate. We will be forever grateful.
-The Beatty Family

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