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Lasting Impressions Dental Spa

6669 N. Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30092

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Lasting Impressions Dental Spa


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About Lasting Impressions Dental Spa

Located in the up tempo center of Los Angeles, Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a quality cosmetic dentistry hub, where you can avail trusted and authentic dental treatment at most reasonable rates. Our aim is to create and maintain an excellent and rewarding experience for our patients. Since our practice revolves around patient centric services and assurance, we are able to deliver a reliable array of services in the field of dentistry. Our incredible care service is designed around the use of state of the art technology, friendly staff and huge variety of services such as preventive, restorative, reconstructive, cosmetic dentistry and sedation. Our exponentially qualified and well-trained specialist, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani is an expert in the field of dental treatment who offers the highest standard of dental art service, with outstanding results and outcome in positive light. Contrary to popular belief, your dental visits to our well-equipped office are bound to be a convenient and satisfactory. Our staff are trained to take care of our patients and everyone else who visit us, in a friendly and patient-friendly way, to make it a pleasurable experience without causing any harm to them in any way. For us, taking care of our patients is central to our idea of offering convenient services to them. We create long term relationships with our patients based on our service and constantly make an attempt to redesign and innovate our services, based on our experience and patient feedback. Therefore, coming to Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a decision that you will never come to regret, for lack of satisfactory and quality services. We are sure that you will find a reason to form a lasting relationship with our staff and adept doctors. At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, we deliver accurate dental services, under the guidance of Dr. Kashani, who is the guiding light at this leading dental hub. We believe that nothing but the best should be given to a patient who seeks aid with dental issues. This is why, our specialists have been selected after careful deliberation so that we can offer a focused and skilled talent in the field of dentistry to our patients. This is just one of the reasons why our service is quite popular and favoured in Encino, California. Take a look at Dr. Kashani’s profile, which will let you know more about him and his method of operation.


without a doubt, the best dental office in Los Angeles, and maybe California! Dr. Kashani and his staff are nothing less than incredible. I mean it they take amazing care of me and my family, i’ve personally been coming here for 10+ years and now my entire family too. The level of care and the attention to detail that they put in is priceless. 10000\10 in all aspects!
-Zack A. Google

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