Direct Mail & Digital - Better Together

In an age where everyone has a computer, the digital tablet has become the next laptop and consumers can’t seem to put their smart phones down, it’s not surprising why marketers all too often think that direct mail is not as viable as digital advertising.

The truth of the matter is, the effectiveness of direct mail continues to grow, even as more and more people spend time on their digital devices. The Direct Marketing Association recently revealed in their annual response rate study, that direct mail’s response rates have jumped from 5.1% in 2017, to 9.1% in 2018! The reason for the increase? It has a lot to do with the fact that mailboxes are a lot less cluttered today, allowing your printed ad to make a stronger impact.


In the past, people would feel overwhelmed by heaps of printed mail on a daily and weekly basis, but today, that phenomenon has changed – people are now overwhelmed by too much digital advertising.


So as a marketer or business owner, which should you choose – direct mail or digital advertising? The truth is, you should choose both. Research shows that direct mail campaigns, when paired with digital advertising, result in even higher response rates than just direct mail or digital alone. This makes sense because consumers make purchasing decisions at various touch-points during their journey to becoming a customer.

Money Mailer offers a fully integrated marketing package that includes hyper-local direct mail paired with digital placements on, the Money Mailer Mobile Coupon App, social media, email and more.

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