FAQs for Advertisers

Money Mailer is a thriving direct mail marketing company that helps grow local businesses by putting a premium product into the hands of affluent consumers in their area. Our franchisees spread the word about businesses in their community via a tangible and a surprisingly effective medium.

Click on the “Advertise with Us” link at the top of the MoneyMailer.com navigation bar located on the homepage. You’ll be directed to a section of the Money Mailer website where you’ll be able to learn all about our marketing products, services and solutions. All you need to do is click “Get A Quote” and submit your contact information. Your local Money Mailer consultant will contact you.

The success of your Money Mailer campaign is based on many different factors. Such factors include: Your category type, the number of times you mail, the strength of your offer, the design of your ad and most importantly the target audience you select.

Pricing will depend on a variety factors however a typical Money Mailer direct marketing campaign will cost a few pennies per household. Our proven and affordable turnkey program includes direct mail, plus digital placement on MoneyMailer.com, the Money Mailer Mobile App.

Direct mail was used in 57% of marketing campaigns in 2016, according to Inc. magazine, a 7% rise over the previous year. More and more companies are scaling back on all-digital advertising to re-incorporate traditional media in their campaigns. Why? The response rates tell the story: Direct mail typically results in a 5.1% response rate, according to the Direct Marketing Association, while digital campaigns average less than 1%.

There are other direct mail marketing firms, but Money Mailer is the only one that has been around for over 40 years, targeting local businesses that want to be noticed by affluent consumers. Households earning more than $100,000 a year are twice as likely to use coupons as households earning less than $35,000 a year, according to NCH Marketing Services. Money Mailer helps neighborhood businesses focus on consumers who are more likely to use coupons to purchase their goods and services.

Money Mailer is a little different from other direct mail marketing firms in that we target local businesses and help them reach affluent clientele. We target a demographic that earns more than the median household income.

Restaurants, in particular, tend to make up a large part of our envelopes, sometimes as much as 40%. Whether they’re a specialty service, a coffeehouse or a tire shop, Money Mailer’s clients love being able to tell their communities where they are and what they offer. Our professionally designed coupons make it easy for merchants to measure their response rates, too.

Mailbox with the Money Mailer® coupon envelope inside