Mailing Areas & Schedule

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the audience you target accounts for 40% of your advertising results.

At Money Mailer®, we’re committed to helping you target the best customers surrounding your business so that your campaign is a success. We use our proprietary SmartZones™ mapping technology that contains demographic and psychographic consumer research data to help you deliver your advertising message to the best areas. With Money Mailer®, you speak to the right people, every time.

Check out our local mailing areas and mailing schedule to see where you’d like to target and when. We look forward to working with you!

Local Mailing Areas

Money Mailer National Coverage Map

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2021 Mailing Schedule

Art Deadline In-Home Date (Approx.)
Jan 18 Feb 6
Feb 15 Mar 6
Mar 18 Apr 6
Apr 19 May 8
May 18 Jun 6
Jun 17 Jul 6
Jul 19 Aug 7
Aug 18 Sep 6
Sep 17 Oct 6
Oct 18 Nov 6
Nov 17 Dec 6