Online Savings

Reaching consumers online is an important part of an integrated marketing approach.

Money Mailer provides businesses with the opportunity to not only reach hungry buyers online but reach them in a way that they are used to – through search!

By visiting Money Mailer’s new, state-of-the art local savings website, consumers can search for coupons by business name, by business category (i.e. restaurant, lawn care) or by typing in any keyword they wish. And with a powerful, predictive search bar, your digital Money Mailer® coupon offers become easier to find.

If a consumer wants to find a specific type of discount, such as a FREE Hamburger with Purchase or a $20 Oil Change, they simply type in their request right into the search bar and provides them with local results!

Your Business Profile Page

This searchable, SEO optimized web page will contain information about your business so consumers looking online for your products or services can easily find you. Your Digital Business Page will also help push consumers to your website and social media platforms.

Your Multi-Channel Report

We’re able to capture your total online activity through our Multi-Channel Report (MCR) which provides details on the digital actions such as offer views, business page views, website and social media click throughs along with mobile app views.

Computer displaying online coupons from Money Mailer®
Business profile page example on Money Mailer's® website
Multi-Channel Reporting