Our Services

In addition to offering a wide array of marketing products, Money Mailer® supports advertisers with in depth reporting and analysis services.

You’ll know how your campaign is performing so you’ll be able to make data-driven marketing decisions in real time.

As with all of your marketing efforts, tracking and measuring results on an ongoing basis is critical in determining the effectiveness of your advertising spend. We will help you analyze those results and together, we will ensure you generate the best results.


Multi-Channel Reporting

With Money Mailer’s® multi-channel report, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’ll be presented a summary of data to help you determine the effectiveness of your campaign each month. You’ll see how many calls your ad has generated, how many pieces were mailed, how many views your MoneyMailer.com business profile page has received, the number of Mobile App views, and so much more.


Call Tracking

With direct mail, having a call tracking phone number on your printed ad is critical in helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your ad. If your goal is to generate leads, you’ll want to see how many customers are calling to make an appointment, find directions, or if you’re a pizza restaurant, place an order. With Money Mailer’s® Call Tracking services, you’ll have the ability to listen to recorded calls, evaluate the quality of those calls and even provide customer service coaching to your staff.


Attribution Analysis

In an age with so many marketing touchpoints, it can be tough to accurately determine what is influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Consumers are influenced in many ways and direct mail can be a critical part of that influencing process. To help you narrow down and attribute response to your Money Mailer® campaign, we’ll perform an in-depth attribution analysis that measures lift on things like revenue, average transaction, and new customer acquisition.