Multi-Channel Reporting

When you work with Money Mailer® you’ll receive insights to all facets of your marketing campaign so that you can quickly and easily evaluate results.

When it comes to marketing, viewing and analyzing reports is critical to determine whether your efforts are generating an adequate return on your investment or not.

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Evaluate Our Performance

When we say Money Mailer’s® direct marketing approach works, we mean it – but that doesn’t mean you have to take our word for it. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll have the ability to monitor the performance of your marketing program month-after-month. Want to know how many people opened your email? You can find out. Want to know how many consumers are viewing your coupon offers on the Money Mailer® Mobile App? We will show you. Curious about whether or not your campaign is generating an acceptable ROI or CPL? We believe the results will speak for themselves.

Multi-Channel Campaign Summary

The Multi-Channel Campaign Summary report provides a top-level view of the effectiveness of your Money Mailer® campaign. By evaluating this report, you’ll be able to see what advertising products were executed, the frequency, the cost, and most importantly, the results associated with those efforts.

Multi-Channel Reporting