Money Mailer® + One Postcard

More benefits than a solo mail postcard, for less.

In working with the United States Postal Service*, Money Mailer is now able to offer advertisers a stand-alone, direct mail postcard product, for a fraction of the cost.

It's Easy

Money Mailer does everything for you from soup to nuts! We'll design, print, deliver, mail, track and evaluate the entire campaign.


Reaches Money Mailer's affluent audience consisting of mid- to high-income consumers — which often leads to higher average transactions.

Exclusive Exposure

Space is limited to specific areas and quantities.

Boosts Your Brand

The 2-sided, full-bleed format, gives you plenty of space to tell an impactful story.

Money Mailer® + One Postcard

PLUS! The Money Mailer® Envelope

When you mail a Money Mailer + One™ Postcard, you also receive a double-sided insert in the red, white and blue shared mail envelope. It's the ultimate print & digital marketing program.

Money Mailer® envelope with app and website

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*Money Mailer is a non-exclusive partner of the U.S. Postal Service.