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Money Mailer USA is a performance-based media company. We reach over 8,000,000 homes each month with local content consumers are looking for in our co-op direct mail envelopes and magazines. Local restaurants and businesses provide high interest content and offers which consumers engage with and utilize each month.

MMUSA features local consumer brands unique to each market and neighborhood in every envelope! This local content creates a highly engaged consumer that drives response for national advertisers.

The Money Mailer USA consumer:

  • Median HH income of $130,600 vs. the U.S. average of $75,259 - Index 174
  • Owner Occupied Housing of 76% vs. the U.S. average of 58% - Index 132
  • Households with children of 37% vs. the U.S. average of 34% - Index 110
  • Median Age 43.4 vs U.S. average of 40.7, Index 107
  • 2+ Vehicles per Household 68% vs. the U.S. average of 53% - Index 129

National Account Client Segments:

For many national advertisers, our strong local content environment has led to Money Mailer being their trusted customer acquisition vehicle!


Products and Services:

Co-op Direct Mail Envelope and Magazine: Targets local consumers where they live with local business and National Brand offers.

Back-of-Envelope Ad: Premium ad placement on the back cover of the envelope maximizes brand exposure!

+ One Postcard: Single postcard mailed with the Money Mailer envelope (not inside the envelope) with a 30% postal savings over a standard postcard.

Pre-Mover and New Mover Homeowner programs: Pre-mover reached homeowners prior to their move based on Home Inspection data. New Homeowner program reaches consumer after they move based on Deed Records.

Money Mailer Digital: National Brands on with a optimized business page linking to your website and social media apps. Placement of your ad included on the Money Mailer app and MyCommunityToday social media app.

MyCommunityToday Social Media App: National Brands can set appointments and conduct ecommerce transactions on MyCommunityToday with their own app within and app.

Targeting Capabilities and recommendation to engage

  • Begin by executing a Client File Analysis to identify Customer Demographic profile, geographic summary, and Prizm Lifestyle segmentation.
  • Mailing geos are selected based on your client’s customer penetration and Prizm Similarity Index at the zone level.
  • Attribution is measure through a rooftop match-back with lift analysis comparing mailed and non-mail zones.
Money Mailer USA Targeting Methodology

Campaign Measurement and Attribution: Lift analysis follows the best practice guidelines of the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) for channel measurement and attribution. This is especially important since the customer journey almost always entails a research stage which drives the consumer to visit a brands website. This research stage is where attribution often gets distorted or lost, as last touch attribution measures a conversion, but not advertising effectiveness.

Today, Brands layer in new channels by testing the new channel as a layer within their existing media mix. A new channel is measured for its ability to provide incrementality to the existing media mix by isolation it within the brands current marketing efforts.

Lift Analysis measures incremental customers, orders, and revenue in test vs. control zones within a brands current media mix. A Lift Analysis measures advertising effectiveness, regardless of last touch attribution (includes both on-line and off-line conversion). The lift analysis indentifies the cost of the incremental lift to determine channel effectiveness. Additionally, we measure the lift for statistical significance, therefore brands can expand their reach and frequency with a high level of confidence.

Case Studies

National Insurance Company

A 6-month pilot, targeting 1mm households, was developed to amplify the company’s policy acquisition activity.

E-commerce Brand

National mail-order nursery brand executed a campaign with Money Mailer to measure order lift, targeting 3.5mm unique households.

National Brand - Digital lift

A 2-month pilot, targeting 2mm households, was developed to measure the lift of the company’s top 14 digital media channels which accounts for over 90% of conversions. Channels included Facebook, SEO, SEM, GDN, Radio and others.

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