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Dogtopia of Uptown Phoenix

6148 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Get Directions (602) 607-2777
Dogtopia of Uptown Phoenix


  • Mon 5am-10pm
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  • Wed 5am-10pm
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About Dogtopia of Uptown Phoenix

We believe that every dog deserves regular daycare. Our mission is to enrich your dog’s life by providing a safe, stimulating, and supervised environment for them to learn, exercise, socialize, and have fun! At Dogtopia of Uptown Phoenix, we understand the value that daycare brings to our furry friends’ lives. We send our children to school to learn, make friends, and have fun. Why should our four-legged family members be any different? We strive to create the perfect environment for your pup to thrive during the day, so you can bring home a happy, well-exercised dog who’s ready to snuggle with you and your family.


All the employees take the time to learn about your dog and take excellent care of them. I feel comfortable and confident that my dog will be provided the best care while he is at daycare. I also appreciate the cleanliness of the facility. Without any reservation, I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of pet care support.
-Gina L
Great place to leave your dog for daycare! We've been placing my small dog here for the past 6 months and they've been great. They get special treats once in a while and have webcams online for you to watch. There are 3 rooms with dogs sorted based on temperament and size. Our dog seems to love it. Only downside is that getting in and out of the parking lot at this location is less than optimal due to how busy 7th street is and the reverse lane that takes effect during rush hour.
My Daisy loves going to doggy day camp here! She literally runs from my car to the door once we get there. I like that they have Web Cam so you can check up on them every now and then. Depending on their temperament they usually are placed in different play areas. Daisy is very chill so she gets to play in "The Beach". She is a rescue and used to be very shy. She has come out of her shell and it is a joy to see her love to play here.
Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and informative. I appreciate the immense attention to detail, especially all the informational flyers. I loved the first day report card that my dog received since this is both our first experience using a doggy day care. It helped me feel more relaxed to know that he was doing well with other dogs, and a few notes of what I could work with him on at home to make him more comfortable at Dogtopia.
-Olivia C
Friendly, hardworking staff that always goes above and beyond, amazing pricing, extended hours, fun events and treats every week... They truly offer everything and more! My beagle, Lucy, is always so excited to go play with her furry friends. 100% recommend!

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